Covid-19 related Show Guidlines

To all our Buyers and Sales Reps:
As we navigate through these difficult times together, we are dedicated to provide a safe and healthy environment for our shows. To that end, we ask that everyone wear a face mask, follow social distancing, and adhere to the hotel’s set guidelines while attending our shows in Deerfield and Livonia.
If you have any questions, please call (248) 478-1732 or email

Looking forward to seeing you at the shows.


A Note to our Buyers:

The Midwest Children’s Apparel Group (MCAG) is the largest organization of independent sales representatives in the Midwest, specializing in selling baby and kid’s apparel, gifts, accessories, and shoes. The core strength of MCAG is our annual schedule of regional trade shows in Deerfield, IL, and Livonia, MI. We organize shows two times per year in each city. Shows are held at the comfortable Embassy Suites hotels. This format allows us to offer a showroom setting with more privacy than booth shows. We also display samples outside of each showroom, which allow buyers to preview the different lines.

The Deerfield Children’s Show is held at the Embassy Suites in Deerfield, IL, two times per yea, generally February/March and August/September
The Livonia Children’s Show is held at the Embassy Suites in Livonia, MI, generally two times per year during February/March and August/September.

Buying can be hard work, and comfort at our shows is a priority. At every show, we provide for both our buyers and sales representatives a complimentary hot lunch served in our hospitality suite, with the following other amenities:

Coffee service
Bottled water
Free parking
Special hotel rates for buyers
A show book for each show
E-mail marketing, show date reminders, and an online link to each show book

Attending regional MCAG gives buyers the advantage of working with local sales representatives, who understand the product mix that best suits each market. This assures that our buyers are more successful with their stores. Please take advantage of our trade shows by being a supportive, loyal attendee. I welcome all ideas and suggestions to make our shows better and more buyer-friendly.

Please contact me at or (248) 478-1732.

Wishing you great business in the coming years.

Tony Grimaldi
MCAG President